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<p>Top CBD brands for sale online on Chow420</p>

Top CBD Brands

Shop the best of top quality CBD brands on Chow420. These are the brands that we sell on the platform. All brands have been vetted and filtered through our Know What You Buy program. 

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Yes, they vetted and recorded on a properietary blockchain platform maintained by Chow420. All lab test reports can be viewed and scrutinized for compliance and other standards. See our Know What You Buy  program to understand better. 

Our blockchain-powered  Know What You Buy program ensures that all products are verified for content and THC compliance. By law all CBD products are to contain less than 0.3 % THC. Compliance is enforced by the inclusion of a  cannabinoid profile in the lab test reports of all listed products. 

Our products are formulated from organic, non-GMO hemp. As such we sell high quality hemp CBD that is effective and potent. The final products are also enriched with flavonoids that infuse them natural tastes and aromas. You will find that our quality standards extend to other components as well. For example, the terpenes found within are naturally occurring.

Chow420 is a socially responsible company that is committed to providing solutions in the CBD market in an ethical way. All our products are carefully formulated with natural, plant-based compounds. None of our products ot those of other brands ,listed on the platform, are tested on animals. We do not condone animal cruelty and are mindful of the biodiversity of our dear planet. 

Terpenes are aromatic compounds that play a defining role in the scent profile of plants. They are also found in CBD and contribute therapeutic benefits to the functioning of cannabis products. Several studies, including clinical trials, have found evidence to suggest that terpenes have roles ranging from antiviral and antibacterial, through to antimicrobial, pain relief and antidepressant functions. 

Terpenes benefits to the human body mirror the protective role that they play in plants. Hence, they are useful in fighting off pathogens and microbes. Popular terpenes include myrcene, caryophyllene and limonene.