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<p>Free 24 to 48-hour CBD + THC products delivery</p>

Ultra-Fast CBD Delivery

Chow's Choice is our curated service for on-the-go purchase of reliable CBD products that work. Benefit from our expedited CBD delivery service. Looking for CBD delivery near you ? Order now with us and receive in 24 to 48 hours. Exceptions exist on weekends, where deliveries can take up to 72 hours. 

CBD you want, delivered to you in a jiffy !

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Learn more about Chow's Choice

Chow's Choice is our advisory wellness program intended to filter the very best on offer for you. We utilize a system that draws from both customer and expert opinion to present top quality oils, gummies, capsules, topicals and concentrates. 

When you see Chow's Choice, think Wellness. At Chow420 hemp CBD excellence is our goal. 

The surging popularity of CBD has brought with it concerns about safety, representation and source of CBD products. When shopping for CBD, especially online, it is almost impossible to properly scrutinize the product in an effective manner. Here at Chow420 we are committed to meeting your needs in a safe and reliable manner. Hence, we have compiled this quick primer to guide you on making the right choices. 

1. Check the label: Lookout for the specific cannabinoid profile (CBD, CBC, THC etc). Also, scrutinize the terpene content. Whether the terpenes are naturally occurring or not. There is also the question of hemp source. Organic ? U.S grown ? The last bit is the extraction method. (Carbon dioxide or not).

2. Lab Reports: It is necessary for products to be outfitted with independent, 3rd party, laboratory reports on content (cannabinoids, terpenes, pesticides analysis, microbial analysis, heavy metals analysis).

Chow420 solves this problem with the Know What You Buy product safety program. Shop now with assurance. 

The Chow's Choice selection on Chow420 is the fastest and most reliable way to get CBD Cannabis products delivered to your doorstep in compliance with your state laws. Chow420 delivers within 24 to 48 hours with multiple warehouses across the country.