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Borneol is a terpene found in cannabis as well as other plants such as camphor, mint, and cinnamon. It is known for its minty, herbal, and camphorous scent and flavor. Borneol is believed to have several potential benefits, including:

  1. Anti-inflammatory: Borneol has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, which could make it useful for reducing inflammation in the body.

  2. Analgesic: Borneol is believed to have pain-relieving properties, which may make it useful for treating pain.

  3. Antioxidant: Borneol is thought to have antioxidant properties, which could help to protect the body from damage caused by free radicals.

  4. Sedative: Borneol has been shown to have sedative effects, which may make it useful for promoting relaxation and treating insomnia.

  5. Anti-convulsant: Borneol has been found to have anti-convulsant effects, which could make it useful for treating seizures.

As for side effects, there is limited information available about the specific side effects of borneol in cannabis. However, it is generally considered safe when used in normal food and herbal supplement quantities. High doses of borneol may cause skin irritation, respiratory problems, and other adverse effects, so it is important to use it in moderation. It is also important to note that individuals with allergies or sensitivities to mint, cinnamon, or other related plants may be more likely to experience side effects from borneol.

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