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Chow420 is the best platform for selling CBD online. Automate your compliance with state laws in real-time and get all the help you need to grow your CBD business.

Step 1 | Sell Certified CBD Online

Get Certified

Register your CBD seller account and upload your CBD products to Chow420 for certification. Our system and our team will review your compliance documents for your CBD business, verify that your products are labeled correctly and safe for our customers.

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Deliver Smiles

Get Orders directly to your CBD seller portal, and start delivering to your new customers on Chow420. In 2022, we will be launching a fulfilled by Chow420 service, to streamline your CBD deliveries online.

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Make Money

Get paid as soon as your CBD products are delivered to your customers. Our system tracks your products in real-time and deposits 85% of your sales to your account when orders are delivered. The Chow420 fee for each order is 15%.

Getting onboard with Chow420 has turned out to be one of the best business decisions we have made. Chow delivers premium, vetted CBD products to customers and peace of mind to its sellers.

Kristy Redmon, R.Ph.

President | Windy Hill Hemp

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