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How it Works | Part 1

Comprehensive Compliance Management

Chow offers a robust solution for managing the complex and ever-changing landscape of local state laws that apply to hemp businesses. By automating compliance processes, Chow helps businesses avoid legal issues and ensures they never break laws across state lines. This level of compliance management not only reduces the risk of costly legal fees but also provides peace of mind to business owners.

How it Works | Part 2

Cost Savings and Efficiency

Chow streamlines various aspects of hemp business operations, such as customer relations, marketing, and payment processing. By facilitating customer communication through forum posts and providing compliant payment options, Chow eliminates the need for expensive mailing services and payment gateways. Additionally, storing lab reports on a decentralized ledger blockchain adds an extra layer of trust and transparency. These cost-saving features help hemp businesses reduce expenses and increase their profitability.

How it Works

Register, Sell, Ship/Deliver, Get Paid!

Register starting at $0.00, list your products for sale, receive orders, and get paid as soon as your products are delivered to your customers. Our system tracks your products in real-time and deposits 75% of your sales to your account when orders are delivered. Our fee for each order is 25%. All products are listed on Chow420.com, which gives our customers the exposure to start making sales immediately!

Getting onboard with Chow420 has turned out to be one of the best business decisions we have made. Chow delivers premium, vetted CBD products to customers and peace of mind to its sellers.

Kristy Redmon, R.Ph.

President | Windy Hill Hemp

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Automate payments, age-verification, compliance & more
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Chow420 is the best place to sell your CBD because it's a marketplace and a community built on trust and transparency. If your products are approved on Chow420, they are classified as among the industry's best.

Selling CBD on Chow420 is more profitable than having your website. At Chow420, you can tap into the existing community of customers and shop at Chow420. In addition, we connect your online store to over 200 local listings, making your brand and business more relevant and visible in your multiple localities.

We support all cannabinoids derived from hemp that are legal on the state and federal level.

At Chow420, we take 25% of every transaction to cover expenses, while our partners take 75% of all products sold.

All products must go through our community of vetters to ensure a product is safe and trustworthy for our customers. If approved or verified on Chow420, a smart contract will be initiated on the Binance blockchain network between Chow420 and the retailer/brand. This is to achieve the unforgeability of product records on Chow420 and to ensure that all CBD products sold on Chow420 are safe and no cbd/cannabis product sold on Chow420 is contaminated.

Yes, seller subscriptions start at $0.00 compared to thousands in lawyer fees. We believe access to automated compliance should be affordable for sellers dispensaries, and brands.

Yes, we use AI to keep up with the laws of your state and automate your compliance in real time. This saves hemp businesses thousands in legal fees.

Legal counsel on Chow420 starts at $0.00/month compared to $400/hour for legal counsel. We use A.I automate your compliance in real time, making it easy for you to focus on selling.