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Hemp-derived Indica strains have high er levels of CBD and lower levels of THC. However, this strain's THC content isn't necessarily low all the time. Indica strains are mostly used to induce relaxation, increase appetite, and help reduce pain and nausea. Due to its deep relaxation tendencies, it is often advisable to use this strain at night. 

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Some of the side effects of Indica includes, dry mouth (cottonmouth), lack of cordination and motivation, extreme hunger (Munchies), couchlock,and anxiety if consumed in high doses

Indica helps with relaxation,promoting restful sleep, appetite stimulation, reducing inflammation and pain, relaxing the muscles to relieve stiffness and spasms,relieving anxiety and panic attacks.

Indica has been known to make you feel sleepy by inducing sleepiness, Sativa strains which give users an uplifting effect that stimulates and excites and can leave them feeling hyper. Indica strains are known to provide a body high, Sativa strains are known to give a head high. Indica strains taste and smell earthy and skunky. while Sativa strains smell sweet like citrus and are spicy.

Indica can work as a sedative and can make you feel sleepy. The intensity of the effects of the strains, however, is highly subjective and is based on the body chemistry of an individual.

Indica causes a “body high” that causes users to feel heavy, sedated, and relaxed. Indica is frequently used as a treatment for muscle spasms that often accompany diseases such as multiple sclerosis. Indica is also excellent for treating insomnia and anxiety.

Indica is better-taken at nighttime because of it's sedating and calming effects.

Indica is associated with a body high. Due to its sedative effects, using Indica can make you feel tired and make you sleepy.