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Research suggests that CBD can have a positive impact on focus. This is done primarily through the impact of CBD on other factors such as depression, sleep and anxiety, which are usually responsible for focus problems. It is important to note that CBD works differently from the psychoactive compound THC. 

For example, CBD alleviates focus for people faced with depression by affecting the body's response to serotinin levels. It manipulates the body's perception of serotonin by creating an overstated impression of its levels. This helps alleviate the sensation of depression and facilitates the restoration of calm and mental stability. 

The efficacy of CBD is bolstered by the speed with which its effects materialize. When compared to medications such as SSRI which can take up to two weeks for any noticeable impact, CBD is far more immediate and can also yield sustained results when properly taken. Consult with our carefully prepared How much CBD should I take FAQ for more guidance.  

Sometiimes our efforts at studying can be hampered by stress, confusion, mental lethargy and anxiety.

Stress as a Factor: Sometimes studying difficulties come down to stress. When stressed out, cortisol (a steroid hormone) levels increase. High cortisol levels impede the ability to concentrate. Studies have shown that CBD interacts with the body to significantly reduce cortisol levels. 

CBD also displays its focus-enhancing qualities through antidepressant and anti-anxiety action. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, increasing anandamide, a naturally occuring cannabinoid. This helps to modulate serotonin and dopamine in the brain. CBD ensures that dopamine levels are never low. It also ensures that serotonin perception is amplified in the brain. 

Therefore, as a result the body is able to maintain the appropriate chemical balance to fend off conditions such as stress, anxiety and depression. While mental lethargy and other focus-inhibiting states are diminished in effect.