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Learn more about CBD benefits & effects

This is a phenomenom used to describe when several cannabinoids in a CBD product act together, alongside others like terpenes, to produce a more fulfilling and varied experience. The entourage effect stands in contrast to the action of cannabinoids on a singular basis.

CBD is a multifunctional cannabinoid that produces several benefits for the body and contributes to healthier living. CBD plays a major role in tackling depression, anxiety relief and also possesses anti-inflammatory capabilities towards pain management. There is evidence to suggest that CBD interacts with receptors in the brain to engender a healthy nerous system. And there is also emerging evidence that CBD might play role in maintaining overall homeostasis and preventing disease. 

It is advisable to add CBD to your daily wellness routine. CBD is fat-soluble(liliophilic) which means that it can be stored in the body, toward future utility. CBD is metabolized by the liver in the same way other prescription medication is, hence it is recommended to take in moderation. To solve this, take more full spectrum CBD as it is more diverse in content and can be taken in lower amounts for effect. 

In recent times, the popularity of CBD as a wellness product has surged. One can take CBD as an antidpressant or anti-inflammatory solution. CBD also provides antioxidant benefits. In general, CBD can be taken for various health-giving reasons to maintain a healthy and stable life.

Chow420 has put together a schedule that could help guide beginners get the most out of their CBD consumption. You can start from 70 mg a day and gradually increase over time.

ChowAdviser Recommended CBD Dosage
CBD Bottle  Daily: 70 mg Daily: 100 mg Daily: 150 mg 
500 mg  7 days (1 week) 5 days 3 days 
750 mg 11 days 8 days 5 days
1000 mg 14 days (2 weeks) 10 days 7 days (1 week)
1500 mg 22 days 15 days 10 days 
2000 mg 29 days (1 month) 20 days 13 days (2 weeks)
2500 mg  35 days  25 days 17 days 
3000 mg 43 days  30 days (1 month) 20 days 
4000 mg  57 days 40 days 27 days (1 month)
6000 mg 86 days  60 days (2 months) 40 days 


Chow420 is the best way to buy CBD for Wellness, because we have a deep learning data driven review process that tracks products that have previously helped other customers with Wellness. We also employ a system that ensures content verification for all products. Making sure that they comply with legal & safety standards. 

CBD has a positive impact on several important areas of our health. It helps with sleep improvement, can ease pain conditions, possesses anti-inflammation properties and can reduce stress. These effects combine to improve the health and functioning of the body towards improved general wellness.