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Broad Spectrum, THC-Free

A THC-Free delivery of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and natural compounds. Enjoy at high doses without the slightest effect of psychoactivity. Experience pain relief, relaxation and stress relief and sleep assistance from effective and comprehensive broad spectrum CBD. 

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Broad spectrum CBD is made up of CBD alongside other cannabinoids without delta-9 THC. Broad spectrum can contain terpenes and flavonoids as well, hence it provides a broad range of benefits. Broad spectrum is a very good option for people seeking no psychoactive effects of THC. It is quite advantageous for those seeking the gains of cannabinoids without THC. 

Broad spectrum does not contain any THC. Therefore, it is not possible to get high or to be subject to any psychoactive effect when consuming broad spectrum. All our products have independen, 3rd party tests available on their pages. Our Know What You Buy program ensures that you always no what's inside the product you are buying. 

Broad spectrum and isolate extracts are suitable for people who have to undertake random drug tests. This is because with broad spectrum, there is no THC content. With the available commercial tests that detect delta-9 THC, broad spectrum CBD does not trigger positive results.