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"Over 70% of CBD/Cannabis wellness products are contaminated and/or mislabeled" - MerryJane, Penn Medicine

About Us

Chow420 operates a blockchain-powered online marketplace and a network of automated dispensaries that provide customers with the purest and safest CBD with THC products through a unique patent-pending product blockchain certification process.

Solving Cannabis' Trust Problem

Currently, there is no regulation of CBD beyond the legal definition of permitted THC content. Outside some isolated examples, in the medical sphere, there is no stringent monitoring of what is sold by vendors to end-users. A 2017 Penn Medicine study found out that over 70% of CBD products are mislabelled (Penn Study Shows Nearly 70 Percent of Cannabidiol Extracts Sold Online Are Mislabeled - Penn Medicine, 2017). According to a new investigative report from Ellipse Analytics and CBS Austin, 70% of the 240 top-selling hemp CBD products available online or in non-dispensary retailers tested positive for heavy metals like lead and arsenic, concentrated chemical pesticides, toxic mold, and other potentially dangerous impurities. (Merry Jane, 2019)

Consumer safety becomes an issue at this juncture. Given the trend of CBD consumption for the purposes of mitigating issues associated with pain relief, insomnia, and anxiety, mismatches in content can have serious consequences for consumers (Single Care, 2020). Product verification is also needed for casual consumption as usage rates among adults register a higher incidence. 

Chow420 is an ecosystem for cannabis wellness products that is built on an unforgeable certification standard for cannabis and CBD products on the Binance blockchain network. Chow420's internal verification protocols ascertain the veracity of vendor COAs (certificates of analysis) against the databases of testing laboratories and communicate discrepancies to relevant parties. Successful outcomes are published on Chow420.com and embedded on the Binance network to reinforce customer trust, verify the source products and enforce the accuracy of product labels.



1. Purity and Safety

At Chow420, we vet over 200 brands and 1000 products with our propriety blockchain certification process to ensure that you get only the purest and safest CBD/Cannabis products in the market.

2. Automated Compliance

Your compliance is our top priority. Most retailers online only care about making a sale, even when your state laws do not allow those products, and some retailers do not have the time and resources to keep up with everchanging cannabis laws. At Chow420, we automate your compliance with your state laws and age requirements in real-time.

3. Convenience, Data, and Variety

Our goal is to always have a selection of trusted products for you to shop from. At Chow, you can shop and compare all your favorite products and brands in one place, and get your products fast. We also make shopping easier for you by tracking the effects of products with data derived from customer reviews and the verified genetics of each product.


Read more about Chow420's CBD and Cannabis product blockchain verification here

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