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Chowverified is an authenticity-centered wellness marketplace. At Chowverified, we aim to reinforce a new standard for wellness and health shopping. Our platform employs a vetting system that combines product content analyses and assessed customer reviews to provide wellness consumers with products that reliably improve their well-being. 





We believe in versatility & innovation. Our mission involves the utilization of blockchain and artificial intelligence to provide unmatched transparency & engagement across diverse wellness product supply chains. This tech-enabled solution is designed to drive change in the wellness market. 


A vital part of our vision is a commitment to sustainability. We operate within the boundaries of what we call the Chow Five-Impact View. To us, a wellness company is only as good as its impact on climate change improvement, standards compliance, consumer wellness, nutrition & safety, and wellness market growth. 


The five-impact view is our way to ensure that we make a positive contribution to our communities across the United States. 





Chowverified is a comprehensively equipped eCommerce station. In addition to transaction processing, the platform has information exchange, product display, and marketing functionalities. 


The anchor on blockchain and artificial intelligence gives our offering a differentiation from other services by providing a layer of transparency and security. 


Chow is the only platform that gives consumers access to information concerning wholesalers, transporters/distributors, manufacturers, and farmers access to helpful information regarding product content, production methods, brand location, and legal compliance details.

Over 70% of hemp products are contaminated, mislabeled and adulterated

At Chow420, we enforce compliance, transparency, traceability, and trust in the hemp market with blockchain & A.I

With the contamination problem in the market, we use blockchain to enforce product testing.
We use artificial intelligence to automate consumer & retailer compliance with state laws online.
We use artificial intelligence to break down product ingredients & cannabinoids for transparency.
"’s BOLD solution to fraud and contamination in the CBD & Cannabis market"
"Chow420 is solving the Trust and Safety Problem in the Hemp Market"
"Using lab results to identify top quality CBD: Why the details matter."
"Chow420's Blockchain Integration: A Solution To The Hemp Cannabis Market's Trust Problem?"
"Chow420 democratizes legal compliance for Hemp businesses"
Why Chow420?
  • Tracked from Seed to Sale

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  • Tracking effects with Data

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  • Importance of product testing

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  • Automate your compliance

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