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Preclinical evidence from research has demonstrated the efficacy of CBD in reducing anxiety. The core of the anti-anxiety action of CBD occurs during its interaction with the CB1 receptors in the brain. If you want to know more, read our Help Center on this topic. 

The Endless Feelings Melatonin Tincture is a potent tincture with the calming effect needed for stress relief. It is a multi functional product that can also be used for sleep health. The strong point of this tincture is its broad cannabinoid profile. Rich in CBD, CBC and CBN, you can be sure to improve your overall state of being with this tincture. Our Know What You Buy program ensures that full transparency is provided with regards to product content. 

View the lab report for this product here

It depends on the chosen CBD format. The quickest path for effect and relief is through inhalation. Vaporizing flower or other CBD products allows for the fastest intake. A medium rate option would be tinctures, as they absorb through the membranes of the tongue. This could take anywhere from half an hour to an hour. 

Furthermore, you can work with gummies and capsules. With these options, the product will have to pass through the digestive tract first. Hence, there will be a delay in feeling the effects here. 

Though many consumers know the potential of CBD to tackle anxiety disorders, there is sometimes confusion about the required dosage. We are here to help on this ! 

A 2020 review of studies detailed that improvements in anxiety levels were generally seen after single doses ranging from 300 to 600 mg. However, it is important to consult with your doctor if you are already taking medications. Interaction with other drugs can alter or influence the efficacy of CBD. 

Full Spectrum CBD is ideal for handling anxiety problems. Regardless of the form, full spectrum extracts contain CBD alongside THC and other cannabinoids which synergistically act to amplify the relaxing & de-stressing effects of CBD. 

Chow420 works toward ensuring that all orders are processed and fulfilled within 48 hours. In the event of any delay, we communicate with the customer detailing reasons and adjustments. Also, because of our policy of placing the customer first, we offer rewards & bonuses for any issues caused by our own activities. 

You can use CBD on a daily basis. CBD is fat-soluble and compounds over time in the body, amplifying effect and benefits. So everyday usage can actually offer cumulative benefits for long term consumers.