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Realtime Fund


Digital Bail Fund

At Chow, we are committed to transparency and sustainability in hemp cannabis and other restricted markets. We understand that while nifty ideas and tech tools enrich a customer’s experience and help brands better serve their clientele, there is much to do outside our ecosystems. 

Many years ago, a business like ours would not have been possible. However, legislative, technological, and commercial developments have transformed possibilities for important players like us. We believe that it is important to realize the serendipity of the situation and that somewhere embedded in this equation is the responsibility to contribute towards social responsibility in communities adjacent to our markets. 

Historically, certain minority racial and socioeconomic groups have disproportionately suffered the brunt of anti-cannabis law enforcement procedures. While such unfortunate circumstances have started to improve, people, brands, and markets inevitably finalize the changes and adjustments of opinions that are transformed into more favorable laws and practices. 

Accordingly, Chow is launching the Digital Bail Fund. The digital bail fund is from 1% of every sale made on Chow every year to work with NGOs assisting individuals caught up in nonviolent misdemeanors related to cannabis possession. Our fund is targeted towards organizations assisting individuals with self-development and vocational training to create better life outcomes. 

Though we clearly cannot solve such an issue on our own. Our will is to make a positive mark on the overall drive to promote equity and freedom through some corporate contribution.

Here’s to our 1% pledge, Equity & Freedom!


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