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With over 70% of products mislabeled and contaminated, we use blockchain to enforce purity
We automate your online compliance with state laws and use data to track the effects of products
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On Chow420 you can find the best full-spectrum CBD products. We are committed to delivering the benefits of hemp CBD and THC to customers, with our delicately selected brands, across all formats. In addition to a varied and potent in-house product collection, we have also carefully selected top quality CBD with THC brands known for their focus on sustainability and general wellness.

Our platform features a blockchain-powered Know What You Buy program to verify the contents and compliance of every listed item for sale. Chow420 offers nothing but safety, convenience and solutions to all your CBD full spectrum wellness needs.  

Chow420 is known to be the best way to buy Full Spectrum CBD oil, edibles, gummies, flower, vapes and more. Chow420 ensures that customers get what they pay for and know what it's in the bottle. Chow420 also ensures the accuracy of product labels and ensures that customers get the purest and safest products through third-party lab test verifications on a decentralized ledger.

Here are the current Chow420 Full Spectrum CBD (with THC) Vending Machine locations:

Chow420 New Jersey locations:

1. Chow420 Jersey City - Inside the NewPort Centre Mall, 2nd Floor, beside the Management Office (Opposite Dunkin Donuts)

2. Chow420 Elizabeth, NJ - Inside the Jersey Gardens Mall, 1st Floor, next to True Religion

3. Chow420 Edison, NJ - Inside Menlo Park Mall, 1st Floor, beside Victoria's Secret

4. Chow420 Lawrenceville NJ -  Inside Quakerbridge Mall, 2nd Floor, beside Finish Line

5. Chow420 Vineland, NJ - Inside Cumberland Mall, 1st Floor, In front of Foot Action, beside PINK

6. Chow420 Cherry Hill, NJ - Inside Cherry Hill Mall, In Front of Champs, beside Food Court


Chow420 Pennsylvania locations

7. Chow420 Langhorne, PA - Inside Oxford Valley Mall, 2nd Floor, Beside H&M

8. Chow420 Willow Grove, PA - Inside Willow Grove Park Mall, 3rd Floor, Beside Footlocker, Macy's

9. Chow420 Plymouth Meeting, PA - Inside Plymouth Meeting Mall, Ground floor, In Front of Lego Land

10. Chow420 King Of Prussia, PA - Inside King of Prussia Mall, Ground Floor, beside Rite Aid

11. Chow420 Whitehall, PA (Delivery Only)


Chow420 Maryland location

12. Chow420 Hyattsville, MD - Inside the Mall at Prince George's, Ground Floor, Beside Escalator, Target


Chow420 Virginia locations

13. Chow420 Springfield, VA - Inside Springfield Mall, Ground Floor, Beside Nordstorm Rack, and Springfield Therapeutic Massage

14. Chow420 NewPort News/Virginia Beach - Inside Patrick Henry Mall, In front of the Food Court.


Chow420 New York locations

15. Chow420 - Lake Grove, NY (Delivery Only)

The Know What You Buy program is a Chow420 intitiative that was designed to protect customers in the CBD market.Through a blockchain-powered process, the content and lab reports of all listed products are registered on an incorruptible layer where further scrutiny is possible. 

The lab tests used in our Know What You Buy program follow best practices and standards. All tests detail: 

-Pesticides Analysis 

-Microbial Analysis

-Cannabinoid profile

-Heavy Metals Analysis

-Residual Solvents


Chow420 uses a geo-adaptive function to assist with compliance. Chow420 uses your shipping address to ensure that you can only access those products that are legal for that state. This is to assist you in compliance when shopping. We take care of the small details for you. 

Chow420 is a company that is committed to legitimizing full spectrum hemp CBD products as a veritable alternative wellness option. We want to be part of the legitimizing journey. Take it away from the status of being a fringe or niche offering. Chow420 believes in hemp-derived CBD and has partnered with reputable brands in the industry to offer delicately formulated hemp products which are covered by an innovative product security program.

Our Know What You Buy program eliminates the issue of trust in the industry by ensuring that the content of every product, sold on the platform, is viewable. 

Chow420  carries top quality CBD brands for oil, gummies, flower, edibles, vapes, topicals, concentrates, and more. All products are covered by our innovative blockchain-based 'Know What You Buy' program. 

Chow420 has also launched automated self checkout machines for your convenience. Checkout our ChowPods locations to find one close to you. 

With the Chow's Choice program on, customers get their CBD + THC products delivered fast, within 24 to 48-hours.

Chow420 ships to all 50 states in the U.S. All our products are compliant with the 2018 Federal Farm Bill. We do not ship synthetic cannabis products.

Attention: Chow420 is not responsible for orders executed off our platform. Any transitions conducted through any means on any other site, location or platform, other than on our full-service eCommerce platform,, has nothing to do with the company. Hence, will not be recognized as valid and most definitely will not be serviced. 


We are not responsible for the actions of disingenuous third parties who misrepresent themselves as representatives of our brand. Under no circumstances will Chow420 ask you to make a bank transfer or employ some other means of payment different from the one employed at checkout on Please protect yourself and funds from these scammers by always making your purchases on the website. This is for your safety.


 Lastly, we do not sell Marijuana. We are not licensed to do so and have made no attempts to do such. We sell federally legal CBD products and have never broadcasted ourselves as selling any other type of merchandise. Thank you for your cooperation.


No, Chow420 DOES NOT sell synthetic cannabinoids like Delta 8. Our focus is to provide our customers with the best of the best Non-GMO, certified organic cannabis products for various health benefits.