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Learn more about CBD is the best place to find full-spectrum CBD Vapes online. With our know what you buy program, customers have access to the best of the best CBD Vape brands that have been vetted to be accurately labeled, pure and safe for use.

Find an automated automated store around to pick up the best full spectrum CBD Vapes with THC

With Chow420's know what you buy program, customers get to see the breakdown of the CBD Vape they intend to buy. To avoid the possibility of getting high, we advise customers to buy products without THC. That is, Broad Spectrum and Isolate CBD. 

With Chow420's customer-driven reviews, customers get to see what other customers are saying about all the CBD Vapes we carry. This way customers get to pick the best CBD Vape that best fits their needs.

At Chow420, we only offer pickup and in-store shopping for vapes. All customers must go to a nearby Chow420 Pod to pickup/buy CBD Vapes.

Vaping Full Spectrum CBD vapes that contain THC will make you fail a drug test. If you're about to go for a drug test and need to vape CBD, we advise that you only take CBD vapes without THC.

CBD vapes offer a convenient path to relief from conditions including but not limited to pain, anxiety and insomnia. Inhalation of CBD upon vaporization allows for quick absorption and the manifestation of effects relatively quicker than other methods.  

Yes you can vape CBD with THC content if you intend to experience psychotropic effects. Be mindful of any external commitments such as drug tests.