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Buy high-quality tested hemp-derived topicals & pain creams/balms.

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CBD, No-THC Broad Spectrum Hemp
CBDMD Broad Spectrum REVIVE CBD Lotion 750mg
$65.00 $70.00
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CBD, No-THC Broad Spectrum Hemp
Koi CBD Broad Spectrum Roll On Gel 500mg
$44.99 $49.99
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CBD, No-THC Broad Spectrum Hemp
Elite Hemp CBD Muscle & Joint Salve - Lemongrass + Moringa 600mg
$45.00 $50.00
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CBD + Low-THC Hemp with THC
Charlotte's Web CBD (+THC) Balm Stick -525mg
$44.99 $49.99
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CBD + Low-THC Hemp with THC
Extract CBD Muscle Cream 2000mg
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Seed & Derivatives Others
Elite Hemp, Hemp Seed Oil Soap Mint & Spirulina - (3 Pack)
$45.00 $50.00
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Please consult with your doctor before applying any CBD products

The general rule of thumb is that CBD oil has a shelf life ranging from 14 months to two years, depending on how the product is stored. Direct sunlight and intense heat are two factors that can cause a bottle of CBD oil to go bad before its expiration date.

Effects on skin type vary. Customers are advised to read reviews of customers with different skin types.

The application of CBD products vary. Customers are advised to read the instructions from on the bottle or container before application

Hemp seed oil contains very low amounts of CBD

CBD cream is formulated for the face with additional anti-aging and treatment ingredients added to achieve the desired skin outcome. A CBD balm has a denser consistency and is designed not only to hydrate the skin but to also treat and repair dry skin such as hands, joint areas, and feet.

Some products on Chow are vegan. Please make sure to read descriptions to get more insights on the products available on Chow

The 2018 farm bill made CBD legal in cosmetics.

CBD has been reported to help with various conditions. However, effects may vary, so make sure to use the Q and A section on Chow and read customer reviews.


Only  Full-Spectrum CBD products contain THC.

Please read the product description and labels to determine usage

A good starting point to determine the best CBD oils for skin is by looking at only CBD skincare products with 4 stars and above, as well as reading customer reviews on Chow

CBD skincare products have a ton of positive effects. However, CBD effects vary from product to product. CBD effects also vary from skin type to skin type, so it is very important that customers read reviews, ask questions and look at labels.

Finding the right CBD skin care for you is usually based on skin type and what a customer is looking for. it is strongly adviced that customers use the Q&A section and also check all CBD product reviews

CBD has antioxidant properties that allow it to be very soothing and restorative for inflamed and irritated skin. “Many people dealing with rosacea and eczema have found CBD to be helpful in stopping the inflammatory cascade of itching and dryness,”

Benefits of CBD to the skin also include powerful antioxidants, improved sleep, and anti-inflammatory agents that can help treat conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, as well as reduce acne. “CBD oil is a great option for all skin types,” Dr. Zeichner

CBD topicals is a good example of CBD being absorbed by the skin

Based on customer reviews on Chow, CBD topicals are best known for helping with pain relief and stress relief

The strength of a topical is based off the milligram value of the topical. The higher the milligram value, the stronger the topical.

Always buy CBD from platforms and stores that vet products, so you always get what you pay for.

Yes, topical CBD may be used on pets as well

Only Full-Spectrum topicals contain THC in them.

Applications of CBD products vary. It is important that customers follow the instructions on the bottle of every CBD product they buy.

it is advised that customers determine this based on other customer reviews. Customers are also urged to use the Questions and Answers section for each product

CBD works by activating the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is responsible for the sensations of pleasure and pain. It does this by binding to cell receptors in muscle tissue, skin, and nerves. This, in turn, can alleviate both pain and inflammation.

At Chow, your compliance is automated, so you only have access to the products they are legal in your state

The best tip should be derived from other customer reviews on Chow

Though there’s little information currently available about CBD’s effectiveness as a topical, many consumers report successfully using topicals to relieve a wide variety of ailments. CBD topicals have the potential to help manage pain and skin conditions like eczema and acne. Those seeking the greatest therapeutic benefit possible should opt for potent, full-spectrum, organic ingredients whenever possible.

CBD Topicals can be used for several uses. The most common use of CBD topicals based on our customer reviews is pain relief.